Google Meet Noise Cancellation Features



Filter Out Unnecessary Background Noise On Google Meet

One aspect that can be really annoying during an online meeting is when you hear background news from one of the attendees. Sure, they can mute their mic, but it doesn’t help when it’s their turn to speak and you hear their cat chasing a mouse in the background. Fortunately, Google Meet added noise cancellation features to assist with this issue.

Whether you’re meeting via PC, Android, or iPhone, you’ll have access to this handy function. It all depends on your location, though. While initially launched in September 2020, it’s still rolling out to various regions while testing is ongoing. If you’re in an online conference and don’t see the option, it could be that it’s not available in your country as yet.

Google Meet Noise Cancellation

Furthermore, the tool is only available to specific Google Workspace packages, such as G Suite Enterprise, Business Plus, and Education Plus, to name a few. The app turns the feature off by default, so you’ll need to set it up before or during the meeting. You’ll see a blue volume icon indicating that it’s active, revealing how much sound it blocks.

Google Meet administrators have no control over your noise control settings, so they won’t be able to cancel it or interfere in any way. With more and more remote meetings taking place worldwide, many users have already indicated how useful the noise cancellation function is. We’ve definitely used it a few times ourselves when meeting with our team members from home.

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